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Isabella “Izzy” Church an Actress, Singer, Writer:  born in Sacramento California, USA. Focused on Film, Television and Music. 

Izzy began her career as a model with the Wilhemina agency who fostered Izzy's career and supported her move to New York City. While in New York she attended Mary Mount Manhattan College graduating with honors with a degree in Communication Arts, specializing in writing for film and television. To further her writing career she interned at DreamWorks for the head of the film/television department where she later worked. Additionally, she pursued her acting studies with Shane Ann Younts and Maggie Flanigan, (one of the top acting instructors in the country).   

​Izzy's music career grew while she was developing a Rock and Roll Sci-Fi  Dramedy TV series titled, “Eve Returns." The female lead, played by Izzy is the lead singer in a band called the, "Sexual 222's." Izzy's character work lead her to turn her focus  towards her music career and to begin recording. Her sound is a three way love child of, Lady Gaga and Trent Rezner, conceived while listening to Arcade Fire and Goldfrapp. She was influenced by David Bowie, Madonna, Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan to name a few. Izzy Church’s debut EP is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and hundreds of other digital distributors. Singles include: "Summertime", "Sound of the Universe" and "The Rainbow".  A mix of electronic rock music infused with POP, Punk and Hip Hop. Her beat is sticky sweet and your gonna wanna rock that sound!!! It gets you back to a place where you feel wild and free.   

​Izzy has a novel being released this year titled, "Angry Movie Guy"As the founder of 3rd Culture Creative, a Media and Entertainment Company she has several projects in development. Please visit projects to view a small selection of her work.



Izzy Church

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