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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Instagram: @Single_life_sketch_team YouTube:@singlelifesketchteam

The shows will stream on YouTube 12/18 & 12/20 at 7. Each show has a different link so make sure to keep that in mind when sharing links with friends and family.

All I Want for Christmas is Comedy


Sponsored by: Cluestra

Written by: Richard Drutman

Santa Gets a Makeover (Single Life)

Written by: Laura Logan

Hometown Hunks (PunchLine Loading)

Written By: Punchline Loading

Pole to Pole (Single Life)

Written By: Natalie Hunter

Michael Bay Christmas (PunchLine Loading)

Written By: Punchline Loading

Aunt Barbara (Dave's Friends)

Written By: Dave's Friends


Written By: Richard Drutman

Christmas has been Canceled (Single Life)

Written By: Izzy Church

Charlie Brown Pissmas (Punchline Loading)

Written By: Punchline Loading

Elf Union (Single Life)

Written By: Laura Logan

Santa on my Couch (Dave's Friends)

Written By: Dave's Friends

News Interrupted

Written By: Richard Drutman & Ana-Maria Bandean

Christmas Carolers

Written By: Saturday Lawson Collaboration: Single Life & Punch Line Loading



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Updated: Sep 14, 2020


We've been doing a lot more than just hoarding endless amounts of toilet paper and binge-watching YouTube videos about aliens that created the virus and are now preparing to take over the planet. We rolled up our sleeves, put our heads together (well, the best we could over zoom), and created an entirely new platform for our sketch show.

The answer is YES! We miss all your smiling faces and your uproarious laughter, but live shows have been CANCELED due to Miss Rona. The Single Life "Spring Break" sketch show that never was is not forgotten. We anxiously await the day we get to perform again in front of a live audience—the optimal word being LIVE, which is why we want you to stay the F*ck home and watch LOCKDOWN Part 1 & 2 live on YOUTUBE.

Don't miss our next two shows @ 7:30 PM!

9/18 & 9/19

Singe Life sketch team brings you scenes from a quarantine wasteland with a patchwork of pandemic interactions ranging from social distanced dating disasters to patriotic pleas for perseverance. Let Single Life make it all a little our lockdown of laughs!

I know what you're thinking - Hot Diggity Dog! But wait! It gets even better!

We invited a few clever actor/writer/comedian/improvisers to join our illustrious cast. But, before I introduce you to them I think I should address the elephant in the room- Who is Single Life? Because I realize some of you reading this right now are thinking YES AND? Why do I care, Miss Thing? ( I'm not sure why my inner voice suddenly sounds like a Drag Queen on the show POSE- but I'm not going to lie- I'm feeling it.) And there she goes, right out the door on her seven-inch stilettos because for some reason there are never enough parenthetical-s to express my inner thoughts.


The Single Life sketch team consists of three fashionable late debutantes that never say never because life is a roll of the dice, and these three are into living life to the fullest!

ERR! Wrong answer, but it sure sounds nice. 

TRUTH - Single Life started as a few funny people talking about the woes of being single in the Big Apple. The ups and downs of having roommates - several at a time in a tiny one bedroom apartment (sound familiar to anyone) - the lump of coal you were given for X-Mas the last three years in a row - the nosey neighbor that thinks your life is more interesting than what's new on Netflix - the ever revolving door of sex partners your "frienemie" seems to have while your waiting for the one that doesn't seem to know you exist - love triangles that you accidentally fell into - the weird relationship you developed with your grandma and her friends when you realized you'll never fit in with people your own age because you didn't have cable as a child - the girls that post pictures of themselves on instagram drinking jello shots off hard bodies - the way you wish you were adopted by the one family that seemed so cool when you were a kid - until you found out they were gun toting freaks that cuddle up with a Trump doll at night - the homeschooled family that gets taught an important lesson by Mom about stereotyping people, which is - Never okay! Unless of course, you're doing it because you're working out some deep-seated (unconscious) rage that has been festering inside of you since you were in high school over a troll that lived under the bleachers until she decided to crawl out from under them so she could slut-shame you for dating the entire football team- and of course the self-help group that you joined because it's the only place you didn't feel like the biggest loser in the room. Eek -that was a mouth full. And, now, without further ado, I present to you our eminent cast.

The LOCKDOWN (Part 1 & 2) is brought to you by Single's Life core team members Izzy Church, Natalie Hunter, and Kevin Hippler. Special thanks to the contributing writers & performers Laura Rose Cook, Kevin Janaway, Saturday Lawson, and Frank Logan. Great work team!

Isabella (Izzy) is a New York-based classically trained SAG-AFTRA actor. She fell in love with comedy after studying improv at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and IN Studios. She began pursuing it in a heartbeat as a sketch writer, improviser, and comedy writer. Izzy has written numerous screenplays, TV pilots, plays, and has had her worked produced by the Theater for The New City and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Theater. She is the author of the rom-com novel, Angry Movie Guy and the author/illustrator of the children's books, Dr. Pookie & The Case of His Missing Thought and Little Red & Vandal Wolf: You're in My Hood Now! Currently, Izzy has transformed a staged reading of a one-act play she wrote for the LES festival into a short film and is in the midst of production. 

Natalie Hunter is a NY based actor and writer. She received her BFA in Acting from Adelphi University and studied improv at UCB. She has worked with improv and sketch groups across NYC including Single Life, Punchline Loading and IRTE. She identifies as half Aries and half cat

Kevin happily joins Single Life for his second show, having performed last fall in Homewreckers. His past credits include productions  at UT Austin, Bossier Parish Community College, Canterbury Summer Theater, and Stag And Lion Theatre here in NYC. 

Saturday Lawson is an NYC local hire with her BFA in acting from Adelphi University. She has recently performed in Sex, Love, and Premature Evacuation as Cindy and in the Powerpuff Girls Improv show! Saturday can also be seen doing sketch work in the Punchline Loading sketch group and with Palisades comedy. She is super excited to be working with the Single Life show even though she is recently not single herself! 

Frank Logan is a New York based classically trained actor with extensive experience in drama, comedy, improv, improvisational theater and sketch comedy. In addition, he writes, directs and produces original material including sketches, plays and short films and is currently working on a feature length screenplay.

As an artist, actor, writer, and self-taught cook, Laura Rose Cook appreciates all creative endeavors. She currently has a few projects in the works, including a cookbook, an Etsy shop, and an upcoming YouTube channel with her husband Frank Logan. You can find her on IG @laurarosecooks and @tiny_art_work.

Kevin Janaway is a SAG-AFTRA actor who also does Improv and Stand Up Comedy. He has Created/Written/Starred in at least 4, one-person Plays, including "A Trump Christmas Carol," (stay tuned for iTunes). Kevin has appeared on locally filmed shows such as Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Gossip Girl, and The Big C. He has a multi-character Youtube Channel, and has created the show "Pop Culture Heaven with Kevin," for IGTV. He has recently starred/written/Executive Produced, Walter the Crazy Brother-in-Law, and "Characters with Character." Like him on Facebook. Follow him on Instagram Kevinjanaway. 

If you LOVE to LAUGH - and we know that you do. So take a break from whatever quarantine madness you have going on and tune into a two hilarious nights of original sketches.

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